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The centerpiece of the DP-950 is its ultra-massive SA-CD/CD drive with highly rigid, high-precision construction. This is complemented by an ultra-strong power supply featuring two high-efficiency toroidal transformers and an array of filtering capacitors. The result is an SA-CD/CD transport that delivers a digital signal of unsurpassed purity. Dedicated digital output only SA-CD/CD transport for highly accurate signal pickup. External vibrations reliably blocked by super-massive sturdy chassis. Support for HS-LINK Ver. 2 means that clock and data signals can be transmitted separately for direct input of a high-purity signal to the D/A converter, resulting in a drastic improvement in performance and quality. The 7-segment display is larger than earlier displays of this type, for improved readability. Strong power supply with high-efficiency toroidal transformers and custom-made filtering capacitors. Chucking magnet using neodymium is designed to firmly and evenly hold the disc to prevent wobble. One RJ-45 output (HS-LINK) for SA-CD and CD, and one dedicated coaxial output for CD. Visually stunning cabinet made of carefully selected exquisite wood with natural grain and finished to a mirror polish.
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